A Book For Electricians

This is the story of two men with nothing in common. Nothing except the fact that they are approximately the same age, Caucasian, enjoy good music and bad television, once lived within blocks of one another, and have similar socio-economic backgrounds. Also, it turns out they know a lot of the same people. Nevertheless, they put aside their differences and wrote a book that so tapped into the mood of a nation it became a #1 bestseller. Then the mood of a nation changed. And so they move on.

Now the two men started a career as electricians in the city.

The electrician book is for anyone who wants to know about becoming an electrician and what they do. This book goes over everything from the training it takes to become an electrician, to the salaries you can expect as one. It also includes real-world stories from electricians, so you can get a better idea of what the job is really like. If you’re thinking about becoming an electrician, or if you just want to learn more about this essential trade, then this book is for you!

We thank our writer Wenatchee Electrician for adding content and insight to this great book. Anyone interested in the trade should check it out!